La Maison Du Chocolat Several locations through out the city as well as New York, Kuwait, Hong Kong...

La Maison Du Chocolat has locations on several continents. The most prominent one in Paris is at 8 bd Madeleine, but you can't go wrong visiting any of the boutiques. Bakery specializes in macarons and eclairs as well as other French treats. The truffles are exquisite and worth the expense. For the Chinese New Year they have created a custom Prosperity Box decorated with goldfish and other auspicious symbols. Inside, there are chocolates flavored with cardomom, coconut and hazelnuts.

Although situated in Paris, the chocolates are in fact of the Belgian variety. Try the Earl Grey one! Delicious! Pierre is a master who isn't afraid to dare and dream of new flavor combinations and ways to enjoy chocolate!

Pierre Marcolini Concorde/ Madeleine 3 rue scribe 75009 Paris, France